Company Name: Wowmax Media, LLC
What We Do: Export Support for Mobile Apps and Japanese Intellectual Property
Event Planning & Management
Development & Production (TV/Anime/Promotional Videos)
Translation & Localization
Marketing, Research & Reports
Where We Are: Los Angeles Headquarters:
2421 West 205th Street Suite D206A
Torrance, California 90501-1496 U.S.A.

Tokyo Branch:
1-12-1 Dougenzaka, Shibuya Mark City West 22F
Shibuya-ku, TOKYO, 150-0043 JAPAN

Established in: June 26th, 2003
Primary Banks: Union Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Group
President: Masaki Kaifu

Wowmax Media! is an experienced production and marketing company specializing in intellectual property (IP). We promise to provide detailed marketing, production and distribution services with the network we have established in the entertainment, licensing and media industry in both Japan and the U.S.

Our mission is to help bring Japanese IP to the world stage, create new content and services thorough international collaboration, and pursue new business and creative opportunities. As our name indicates, we strive to promote exciting and unique Japanese content to the world.

Masaki Kaifu / Founder, Managing Member, President and CEO

Masaki Kaifu has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and television business. He is the founder and CEO of Wowmax Media, LLC., with business expertise in licensing and importing Japanese content to the US and Europe, as well as exporting US content to Asia. Masaki and his associates help orchestrate new international content co-productions between Japanese and U.S. companies.

As Head of the Anime Division and Chief of the Film Department at WOWOW (Japan's first premium satellite and cable network), Masaki finalized the licensing agreements with major Hollywood film studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks, and created new strategic business categories for WOWOW. He has produced over 20 anime titles and more than 40 television programs in Japan, including The Soul Taker, Crest of The Stars and Brigadoon.

Masaki's first entertainment related position was at the Tokyo Broadcasting System (a major terrestrial network in Japan). Masaki managed programming, film investments, co-productions, and television program acquisitions, both domestically and overseas.

In addition, Masaki has a vast network in the political and business world from his position as an Assistant to the Prime Minister of Japan.

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